Elizabeth has been treating me for on going migraine and back problems and then my knees after a double arthroscopy. She is an excellent and thorough practitioner and my symptoms have improved greatly throughout my treatment. She is very professional and I consider her to be very sincere and trustworthy. She is very approachable, good and confident in what she does. She would be a great asset to any team. Sandy, retired PA

I visited Elizabeth with trochanteric bursitis, which had been mismanaged. Over a period of time and with the skills that Elizabeth showed in my treatment my hip returned to ‘normal’ and I was able to run again. She has shown great skill and has been excellent with giving me continued advice and guidance. Linda, PA

I had so much pain for a long time and I didn’t know what to do. Elizabeth did a great job of reaching the point that was hurting releasing the pressure in my back. Now I can walk longer distance and stay longer in my garden, which I couldn’t do before. Adonna, Choir singer

Weeks before going to my Yoga teacher training in India I noticed something in my right knee didn’t seem quite as it should. I had been feeling some slight pain and a bit of limited mobility for a few months in that area but it was slowly getting worse. When I went to Elizabeth she immediately diagnosed me with a slight tear in my medial meniscus, which was corroborated by and MRI scan she also advised me to have to be 100% sure. She gave me mobility exercises, advice and yoga modifications, which enabled me to finish my yoga teacher training course without any problems. Guillermo,Yoga and Handbalancing Teacher

Elizabeth has been my practitioner for my shoulder and neck pain. I have found her to be very professional and thorough. My shoulder problem has improved and I now have a much better range of movement. Tina, Office Administrator

Elizabeth has been treating me regularly over the past few months and helped me recover from various aches and pains related to my yoga practice. I practice Jivamukti and Ashtanga yoga daily, which can sometimes be tough on the body. Her advice has been very valuable and it helped me understand my body better, improve my posture and avoid repeating patterns, which were causing injuries. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable, perceptive and caring. I would highly recommend her osteopathy sessions. Chloe, Yoga practitioner