In your first appointment I will ask you questions about your problem, your general health, including all relevant systems review, other medical care you are receiving or medication you are taking and record this in your case notes. 
The information you provide is confidential, kept for 8 years and not shared with anyone. If I need to refer you to a GP or consultant I need your written consent. 

Examination, diagnosis and treatment

You will be asked to perform simple movements (pain permitting) to observe your posture and mobility. I will carry out standard medical tests and orthopaedic tests where appropriate, to examine the health of the joints, tissues and ligaments using a highly developed sense of touch (palpation). You can wear a vest and leggings and must be able to move freely as I need to see your spine and pelvis clearly in standing, sitting and moving.
You can bring a chaperone to accompany you. The important thing is that you feel at ease and comfortable. 

The findings will be explained to you and, if safe to proceed, I will discuss a treatment plan that is suitable for you, which may include lifestyle changes and home exercises.I will explain the benefits and the risks of the treatment recommended. 
It is important that you understand and agree what the treatment can realistically achieve and the likely number of sessions needed for a noticeable improvement. If a serious condition cannot be treated you will be advised to see your GP or go to hospital. A letter of referral will be provided at no extra charge. If you are suitable for treatment, bear in mind that osteopaths often work on areas remote to the site of pain, identifying impediments to health as a whole. You are considered a partner in your osteopathic care and will be centrally involved in decisions relating to your health.

Treatment approach 

Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine based on the belief that:
all body systems are interconnected 
the body is a unit
the body has self regulating and healing mechanisms in the face of disease/ dysfunction 
the body  has its own medicine chest. 
Great emphasis is placed on unimpeded flow of circulation and nerve signals. 

In the words of one of my mentors 'The body is always ready to get well'.
When I treat you I will explain what I'm doing and why. I will ask your permission to treat and you can ask questions anytime if you are unsure or have any concerns. Self help measures and advice on exercise may be offered to assist with your recovery and prevent recurrence or worsening of symptoms.